Another way to experience sceneries


scnery:Valugan – Work in Progress


Based off a recent trip to Batanes. This is a new iteration of my original work. Using photographs and sound recorded from the location. I want to bring awareness to the place both as a place to preserve and a place to reflect. The images were taken using a Sony A7R and the sound recorded separately on a Zoom H4N recorder.
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The beach is not far from the provincial capital, Basco. Located over 600 kilometers from Manila and 160 km to the nearest shore.

The rocks are unique to the location as the Pacific Ocean has shaped these for hundreds of years.

This is a work in progress. Image and audio study of the final art piece.


ITP Spring Show 2012

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Today’s the last day for the ITP Spring Show. Last chance to see awesome stuff.


Scnery Project: Hanami will be at the ITP Spring Show 2012

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Come see this and many other great projects by the students of ITP next week!

Project: Hanami

“Hanami” which is Japanese for Cherry Blossom viewing is a way to experience the short fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. Using the Xbox Kinect to track the user around a given space, the video will change.
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Welcome to the Scnery Project

Scnery is a student project from the Computational Cameras class at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
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Using the Xbox Kinect with Processing, a java based programming platform the Scnery project is an attempt to make beautiful scenes accessible for anyone to experience.